Women take the position below while still facing upwards and of course giving space by widening the crotch wrist with the aim of being a space that will later be given by male partners to make it easier later to penetrate. In general, a position like this is known as a standard position, because it is possible very easy for all couples to do. By default this position does not necessarily make you feel inferior to do it with your partner because the position of sex like this is very comforting when making love with a partner and of course makes couples more confident in having sex. Eye contact that is intertwined when taking a position to make love like this certainly makes you with your partner can feel the intense when you have sex and of course will increasingly arouse sexual desire for both of you.

Missionary position is considered as the most basic lovemaking technique, because this technique makes it easy for men to penetrate in women's intercourse. this position is also considered as the most effective way for women to get pregnant quickly because when a man ejaculates, sperm can immediately slide into the wall of the woman's uterus.

The missionary position is a favorite position for women because this position allows women to look at men fully when penetrating so that it will cause sensation and satisfaction for women. Especially if men do it with enthusiasm and accompanied by kissing the forehead or cheating on women. Because this is what makes women feel the full love of their partners.

Actually there are still many Sex positions that are liked by women with a variety of techniques that we know. So continue to refer to this Blog because we will continue to learn it. This is important because aesthetics in lovemaking are very important for women to feel love and men should also study this seriously.