Woman on Top

What do you think about that? Yes, this is a fantasy and also one style of making love. Why do women like to do it? Is it because women have a greater desire than men? or because women want to master the game? Let's talk about this.

Sex contains a lot of rhetoric and art that are born from the results of human improvisation, each style is their effort to get mutual satisfaction. But what about Woman on Top?

Why does this style exist? Is sex about men who want to satisfy their women? of course not. Every human being both male and female has a basic instinct in sex, namely to channel their fantasy. They will do what they like and as long as they both enjoy it certainly that is not a problem. Then, woman on top is one who was born of various reasons.

Women are considered the object of sex by men because biologically men have penises which means they must be active in sex. But again that is not the reason for that, women also have the same reasons, she also must be active in making love even sometimes women are more active in penetrating.

In addition, woman on top allows women to get more satisfaction. Or in a study said that if a woman actively penetrates, she will get more motivation and of course also the satisfaction that is their goal.

Even so, woman on top does not always have a positive impact on women because it turns out there are also negative effects, namely when the penetration that occurs is too strong and lasts long and even the penis can touch the uterine wall, it will cause stomach pain even hours after sex ends.

So make love to your style as you like as long as you understand that you will get satisfaction, but also pay attention to some of the things that happen after you do it.