5 Most Effective Tips for Overcoming Sudden Anxiety  

5 Tips Paling Ampuh Untuk Mengatasi Rasa Cemas Mendadak

Maybe not many people know that hormones are the most important role for women's health. Because of this, we must be able to maintain the balance of hormones contained within us, because if it is not balanced, the physical and mental body will be disrupted.

One sign that our hormones are out of balance will cause sudden anxiety. This anxiety comes suddenly, and usually begins with a pounding heart and sudden cold sweat. This sudden anxiety is generally caused by the low hormone melatonin in our body.

Take Herbal Tea

Maybe there are still a few people who know that valerian root and passionflower are two of several types of herbs that are believed to reduce anxiety at some level. Based on the results of the researchers, these herbs are consumed by brewing like tea, then drunk. If you feel sudden anxiety, there's no harm in trying this valerian or passionflower root tea.

Consuming Insitol

Research shows that consuming 12 to 18 grams of insitol per day can help increase levels of the hormone seratonin in the body, and can minimize the frequency of panic attacks at certain times.

Writing a Journal

Has it ever happened to you at night and anxiety always haunts you? Writing down your worries and solutions that you can think of is one of the effective ways you can deal with that anxiety. By writing down what is on your mind, you will feel calmer and more easily fall asleep.


Various relaxation techniques such as meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and breathing exercises are proven to be effective in reducing stress levels within yourself and reducing the frequency of sudden panic attacks. If you are thinking of taking a yoga class, now is the time to start.


One of the most effective ways is exercise, because exercise is also proven to be effective for healthy mind. If you are often hit by sudden anxiety, maybe now is the right time to start exercising regularly.

These 5 tips certainly help you deal with sudden anxiety. If by doing these tips your anxiety has not diminished, you may need to ask your doctor / psychiatrist for help. Because, sudden onset of anxiety attacks may be an indication that you are suffering from Anxiety Disorder.