Natural Ways to Overcome Swollen Gums  

Cara Alami Mengatasi Gusi Bengkak

Swollen gums caused by toothache are one of the most irritating ones, because swollen gums can make someone emotion that cannot be controlled. Because this pain makes a person uncomfortable so quickly cause emotion, because swollen gums can make a person fever and decreased appetite.

Of course this can be overcome by taking painkillers that you can buy at the nearest pharmacy in your home. But taking too much pain medication is not good for health. With this, we can try to naturally overcome this problem.

One of them is chewing a few clove cloves. Or if you can't stand the smell you can mix clove oil with black pepper, apply it to the swollen gums. Repeat until the swelling decreases.

Gargling with warm salt water can also reduce swollen gums. Take one tablespoon of salt and mix it into a glass of warm water, make it as mouthwash.

You can use baking soda as a pain reliever because the gums are swollen. Take a spoonful of baking soda, rub it slowly on the affected part.

Use aloe vera as a medicine for pain because the gums are swollen. Take a few pieces of aloe vera, apply the gel to the affected part. The cold sensation will relieve pain and provide a calming effect.

Do not want swollen gums and toothache, you must always maintain your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, and try routinely six months to the dentist. Healthy teeth, the gums are free of aches and pains. May be useful.