Understanding and How to Cure Pain

Pengertian dan Cara Menyembuhkan Nyeri

Pain is a feeling or sensation in the body's response caused by one or several stimuli that affect the body part. There are 4 types of pain in the head area, here below I will explain 4 types of pain in the head area.

  1. Tension is pain caused by tension, such as a wrong position when sleeping or sitting for long in front of a computer.
  2. Migraine is a pain that attacks around the eyes or the temples that spread on one or two sides of the head.
  3.  Cluster is a pain that is usually experienced by a man and usually attacks on one side of the head periodically accompanied by swelling of the eyes, the eyes continue to runny, the nose continues to discharge fluid and accompanied by pain.
  4. Sinus abnormalities are pain that occurs in the front of the head that is blunt and heavy.

Symptoms of pain include the appearance of pain in the face, runny nose which is accompanied by a headache. These symptoms can occur more than a week.

You can stop the pain by giving medicinal plants that contain medicinal plants that are autoimmune, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. For example bitter, gotu kola, meniran and god leaves.

The following below are ways to deal with pain in your body. So see well below.

Ingredients: 10 grams of curcuma, 10 grams of bitter, 10 grams of komfrey, 1 gram of pepper and 5 cups of water.

How to make: Wash all ingredients thoroughly first, then boil with 5 cups of water that has been provided, wait until boiling and remaining into 3 cups of water.

How to use: After that, drink the potions 3 times a day, 1 cup each. Take 1 hour before meals.

Well, that's the understanding and types of pain and there are also ways to treat it. Hopefully this article can be useful for you, thank you.