Why do we often cry, what causes it?  

Suka Menangis, Kenali Penyebab dan Faktornya

Crying can happen because it is carried away by someone's feelings of emotion, it could be because of watching drama and watching sad story videos, so that it makes us feel carried into an atmosphere that is difficult for us to control.

Often there is something that is carried away by hearing the heartbreak of a broken hearted friend who is a small number of things that can make you cry. Not to mention the mixed feelings that occur to yourself.

Then, why does this feeling come? This is indeed a general question, not just us. Although researchers don't know for sure what caused it, some studies show this is due to several factors. In addition to gender reasons (women tend to cry more easily than men), trauma in the past can also be a trigger.

If you have just recently felt more emotional and more teary than some time ago, the cause is more predictable. Hormonal fluctuations that occur before menopause, menstruation, or the effects of consuming birth control pills can make your emotions more easily go up and down.

In addition, lack of sleep and stress can also trigger emotional reactions. If this is the case, try multiplying activities that can provide a relaxing effect, such as yoga or meditation.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the easy condition of crying. Even some studies also show that crying can help release stress and improve mood. But if this habit starts to interfere or is difficult to control, you might want to consult a doctor, because it could be a sign of depression.