Easy Tips for Air in a Healthy Home

Tips Mudah Agar Udara di Rumah Sehat

Who doesn't want to live healthy? It is common knowledge not that healthy living is the most valuable treasure in the world, besides that air is also a part of health. Because we can be sure that the air is dirty then we are definitely very susceptible to disease.

Because the air we breathe will not only stop processing in the lungs, but also continue to the brain and even blood. Therefore, it is very important to maintain freshness of the air, especially in places where we spend the most time, for example a house.

The air becomes poison

Some people still do not believe that the air house room can be far more toxic than the outside air. That is because carpets and wall paint can emit hazardous compounds called volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These VOCs are dangerous and toxic to all limbs. In addition, cleaning products can also spread aroma and chemical gases that will pollute the air. To avoid poison attacks in the room, we can do these 6 easy steps:

Open Doors and Windows

This is the easiest way to do it. Open the doors and windows of the house so that the air can circulate. poisons that are in the house can also come out through air exchange. But cold air or insects are often an obstacle if you do this first step huh?

Put Flowers in the House

Besides being able to improve the air quality in the room, the flower plants that you put in the house will also be a beautiful natural decoration. But don't forget to treat the plant too. And, choose plants that do not require too much sun, to be more durable.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Go green, green living, and other "green" campaigns make many manufacturers develop products that are safer and toxic. Take it easy, you will easily get a love-based cleaning product that is safer for the environment and for your health and family.

Replace Carpets With Wood Floors

Or no need to use carpet. Not only VOCs, but carpets can also store dust, dirt, poisons, and bacteria that are not good for your health.

Use an Air Filter

Investment is quite expensive for you and your family, but air filters such as HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) have the ability to destroy bacteria and fungi, and eliminate odors, poisons, or other contamination from the air.

In addition, don't forget to clean the air conditioner regularly, so that the circulating air is not polluted, and you can still breathe fresh air. May be useful.