In married life you can say Sex / husband and wife relationship is the most thing, although there are also many other important things, but it can be that Sex is the key to household harmony. For this reason, couples must know well to take advantage of their effective time after being busy with daily activities and others.

And regular sexual activities by a married couple at least 2 times a week are very many benefits for the health of the body including:

1. Sleep well
After sex, endorphins will be induced and sleep will be sound so that it breaks into quality

2. Cancer Prevention
A study says that men will avoid the symptoms of testicular cancer when ejaculating regularly

3. Happiness
Having sex can create happiness rather than having a lot of money. Besides being able to channel passion, it is also love from the couple that makes our hearts happy

4. Relaxation
Sex can be a relaxation for the nerves that tighten. When the orgasm has been reached, the nerve will stop stiffening and relax again

5. Regular Menstrual Cycle
Women who routinely have sex tend to have regular menstrual cycles, and will automatically make the body healthy

In addition there are many more benefits of having sex regularly for married couples. A shining face and harmony between husband and wife relationships can be a sign that they are happy with their sex life.