Most people assume that crying is synonymous with weakness, or sadness. Though many also expressed their joy precisely by crying. Crying is an event that is only experienced by humans among other living beings. But do you know if crying turns out to be a therapy for health and eliminating disease?

The following are the benefits of crying:
  • make the heart healthy

For those of you who have heart disease don't hesitate to cry. When crying, the human heart rate will increase so it is useful for the therapy of chest muscles and diaphragm. Even all human organs will move optimally when someone cries

  • overcoming stress

When someone is experiencing very heavy stress, crying can be the cure because by crying stress hormones such as endorphin and prolactin will come out with tears and after that will appear a feeling of relief and calm
  • improve vision

Tears are useful for maintaining the moisture of the eyes so that the eyes are not dry and damaged because the tears produced by the lacrimal gland can improve eye vision. So crying is not something we should avoid if we know there is a benefit behind it

Therefore if you are experiencing stress that can make you worse, then do not hesitate to cry because it has been proven that crying can be a therapy or reflex for you.