Sex is not just about getting orgasm

Sex Is Not Only Aiming To Get Orgasm

Making love is a very beautiful thing even since we just heard the term. Every human being longs for a warm and even hot love with his partner to prove their love for their partner. If we discuss romance, it seems we cannot avoid even the decisive factor is the matter of the bed or making love in the biological sense (Sex). Often this sex business becomes a thing that really determines the harmony of the emotional relationship of a partner. Making love is one of the ways for humans to prove to their partners by trying to give satisfaction (orgasm) to their partners. Orgasm is considered the culmination of their love so that sometimes they only focus and do everything they can to reach orgasm. But do you know if actually orgasm is not the peak in making love?

If we observe the rhetoric of Westerners in making love, we often see them doing inhumane ways of treating couples to get orgasms. For example, those who like Hardcore or BDSM (Sex by means of slavery). This is very far from appropriate if we call it a romance. They put aside humanity only to get an orgasm while one of them felt suffering and even tortured. But let it be, sex can always be done and passed beautifully even though sometimes one of them feels tormented because it is a fantasy for each pair. It is inversely proportional if we look at the rhetoric of Asians in making love and how they get orgasms, for example Japan. We can certainly feel them doing it lovingly and treating their partners well. That is why orgasm is not the peak in love.

But after all, making love is a thing full of rhetoric and art. What our partner thinks is interesting to try will surely bring pleasure to us too, moreover we do it for the people we love, of course all the desires that come from him, we will definitely try to do it, whether in any style or whatever it is. The important thing is that we do it lovingly and treat our partners well. Don't just prioritize your ego to gain satisfaction (Orgasm) without giving Orgamse to your partner. But once orgasm is not the peak in lovemaking because good treatment and affection for couples is the most important thing from the orgasm itself. Hopefully you can find rhetoric in making love full of beauty with orgasm to be one of the ways we admire couples.