Do you have experience making love with women over 30 years like me? Yes, if you understand what I mean you will definitely find a difference as I mean.

I found a difference in love style and also a passion that is different than usual when making love with women in their 20s (Young). The half-old woman (Milf) is like a tiger while Young tends to be passive like a donkey, hahaha that's what I got from my experience so far.

I want to share my experience when I fell in love with a milf who happened to have no children. At first we were just chatting or just asking each other via Whatsapp when we were acquainted at first, but I didn't expect that it turned out that every thing he talked about always led to sex, I remember that, even he always started the conversation.

One day we made a plan to meet to just chat at the Cafe while venturing out. While drinking coffee, we chatted to and fro from upstream to downstream and finally arrived at the Sex life, which had not given us satisfaction and warmth.

After leaving the Cafe we ​​decided to take a walk in the tourist area of ​​the slopes of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. In the midst of the cold and foggy afternoon weather we finally turned towards a Homestay around the tourist attraction. We also walked hand in hand into one of the rooms there and I began to tremble and nervous.

In the room, at first we just talked while lying down and watching TV. Finally, what had happened before happened. We made love all night there while still talking about various things related to the household life of a woman who was thirsty for sex.

What makes me wonder is the passion with this one milf spirit that really makes me really lost. But whatever happens I keep trying to make him happy with all the mistakes that have already happened. Finally we ended this terrible struggle until early morning and we fell asleep.

When morning arrived I got up first to immediately take a shower and go home soon, but again I was surprised when he followed to the bathroom and again invited me to make love once more. With the remnants of energy I finally served again until finally this really had to end immediately and we had to go home soon.

From that moment on I was like being a "slave" who at any time he wanted warmth to be ready for me to serve. In fact, I feel that my girlfriend is still far behind in terms of making love.

Milf has an active love style and always starts first, different from Young who is very passive and tends to not understand men's desires.

Although not everything as I said, the conclusion is that women entering their 30s and above will experience an increase in passion in making love. For that we as men must be able to balance in order to satisfy them.